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The fastest way to lose weight for everyone who cannot wait!

  • Mar 21, 2019

You have probably heard for at least once in your life about the keto diet. How does it look like and how does it work? Here, I will introduce you to it and show you how you can switch to this way of eating (or better say, your new lifestyle).

Many people claim how this diet not only helped them to lose weight and look fabulous, but it also helped them with some medical problems (for example, those who have problems with insulin levels didn't have anymore after implementing this diet).

Nevertheless, none diet is superior, and at the end of this article, I will give you some tips you should consider before implementing the keto diet in your life. So, let's see what are the rules of this superior and popular diet!

  1. Cut down the carbohydrates. Everyone who is on the keto diet doesn't eat carbohydrates at all, or they eat less than 20grams per day. Does that mean how you cannot eat fruits and vegetables too? You can eat vegetables, but you cannot eat the ones that are full of starch. That would be peas, beans, green beans and everything similar. When it comes to fruit, it is not recommended to eat it because it is full of sugar. You can use lemon as a salat dresser, for example.
  1. Will I get ill because I will cut on fruits? Many people think about how they will get ill because they won't eat fruit on the keto diet. But, the truth is how we don't need fruit to stay healthy, because vegetables contain every vitamin and mineral fruits have, even in the higher levels. Of course, you must be sure that you eat plenty of vegetables and of course different types of it.
  1. Why will you lose weight that fast? It is known how carbohydrates tie water to your muscles, and in that case, you will look bulky. If you want to be lean, then the keto diet is definitely your best choice.

What to eat: meat, all types of oils, eggs, cheese, nuts and nutty fruits, all types of vegetables, tea.

What to quit: carbohydrates of all types, milk and similar dairy products, alcohol, fruits, some sorts of veggies (explained above).

How much weight will you lose? You will lose approximately 3 to 5kg in a week.

Warnings: This diet is not recommended for people who have problems with kidneys because eating too much protein can harm them. Contact your health care provider before implementing this diet in your daily life.


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